In this display the collision table is centered on the coordinate system origin and 2 meters long by 1.5 meters wide. The mass of each ball may be set from near zero to near infinite. Any attempt to set zero or negative mass gets you the default mass of 1kg. The collision axis is set up in the x direction with the ball #2, the red object, located at the origin of the coordinate system and at rest. Ball #1, the white object starts out near the negative x axis, close to the minimum value of x. Its velocity will be in the direction of the x axis. The offset from the x axis of ball #1 will determine the "headonness" of the collision. This offset may be set from minus to plus 99% of the sum of ball radii. The collision can vary from nearly missing on one side through a direct hit to nearly missing on the other side.

After setting in the masses, speed and offset, click on the Action button to make the shot. When the model stops, the after collision values of speed and angles from the x axis are displayed on the screen.