MyPhysicsLab – Sumo Wrestling Game

This is a simple "sumo wrestling" video game for two players. It is based on the collisions simulation.

One player controls the blue object using the S,D,F,E keys to activate thrusters. The other player controls the green object with the J,K,L,I keys or the arrow keys. You can hold down a key to keep the thruster firing. You can fire 2 or more thrusters at once. (If the keys don't work, try clicking near an object first - this ensures that key strokes are passed to the simulation).

The object is to push the other player's object into the wall. There is a counter that keeps track of the number of wall collisions for each object. The player whose object has 10 wall collisions loses.

You might try playing the game with lower or zero damping (friction) force... it is much more difficult! Perhaps you can get an appreciation of how difficult it is to maneuver the space shuttle in outer space.